Kentucky Cat Co. (KYCC) is a new CFA registered cattery in Irvine, KY.

Although I am starting a new Persian breeding program, I am not new to the beautiful, loving Persian breed.  Thirty years ago I was breeding and showing colorpoint and solid color Persians.  My last CH Persian passed away in 2007 at 18 years of age.  All my cats live the "Life Of Riley" as we are a kitty-loving home. 

My new cattery is PKD negative and consists of Beau Fett, supreme bounty hunter of mice, and Isobel, my beautiful ballerina.  Both are Eldridge lines, but unrelated pedigrees.  I have just raised my first litter, 2 pure white males and a black female.  What a pleasure this was.

I have the black female and 1 white male ready to go to their new homes.  They have completed all their vaccinations, including their initial rabies vaccination, worming, and  veterinarian checks.  Please check out my available kittens page for more information about them.
(Where everyone is kneaded and has a profession)

Purrden  Me Calypso Spirit of KYCC       &         ‘Ole Blue Eyes Frankie Lindley 

                          "CALI"                                                              "FRANKIE"
Cali  and  Frankie  should make beautiful  music  together because  she  is a singer as well, a beautiful  mezzo-soprano  in  harmony with  Frankie’s baritone   style!  They will  likely have  their  1st litter  in  early  fall, 2017.  Watch our website  for further news.  kyccpersians.com

Our bounty hunter and ballerina  should  produce  a beautiful new litter late spring 2017.  In the mean  time, Beau Fett is busy  bringing  home the bread with a new arrest now and then.  He has recently accepted a new position at KYCC as maintenance manager (see below), so he will be able to  support  a  new  family quite nicely.  Isobel  is  continuing  to  practice  her ballet  every day.  She’s  been  known  to  pirouette  across  the  room when her man  fascinates  her with  another bounty.
Previous Kittens:
The three little kittens  who  lost their mittens  and didn’t  know where to find  them  have  found  them  and are now all  happily eating  their  pie.  Emeril has a new name, “Jordan”, and  is  purring  away with  his  new family in Tennessee.  Frankie, above, has his beautiful new girl, Cali and is  quite  smitten.   Dreamer has  a  forever  home  in Roanoke, VA.  
KYCC is becoming  a school for the arts  with  singers and dancers it seems, but we are also old-school  and understand the necessary maintenance  issues  in maintaining  a  top-notch cattery.  For  that  purpose, we  have  appointed  BEAU FETT our maintenance  manager and caretaker for all kitties, and he has accepted the position along with his bounty hunter duties.  All the girls swoon over him as he is sooo  accomplished  AND  buff.  He definitely has the “look at me” attitude!
"Dreamer," named after my beloved CH Lakeshore's Dream, who was my first champion cat and brought me joy for 18 years.  Happily living in Roanoke, VA.
"Emeril"  He loves to cuddle up with his litter mates , his people, and his dog.  Now living in Nashville, TN in a show home.